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  • Soccer ball greeting card sold on Zazzle

    Soccer ball greeting card sold on Zazzle. Sold a nice amount of greeting cards showing a soccer ball with place for a personal message through Zazzle. I used my own image of a soccer ball I made in Blender 3D. This is actually my first template I made where the customer has the possibility to …

  • Rubber Duck Blender

    Rubber Duck Blender. It may seem to be a simple image, my rubber duck really is a little more complicated. That is all my fault as I have animated it, I have done this so I can use my ducky for multi-purposes. Without going to deep in the animation technique as there are enough Blender …

  • Rietveld House 3D Model

    The Rietveld house, my latest project. As I just really like the style and simplicity of most of the things Gerrit Rietveld has designed and made it is a challenge for me to reconstruct Rietveld’s ideas. This time it is the Rietveld Schröderhuis. The original house is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I am more …

  • Abstract quality flower

    Abstract quality flower. Quality doesn’t come cheap. Once again an image is promoted as “Featured image” on “Fine Art America”. This time not one time but twice! Think I am pretty lucky with my images that I share in groups. It does take a small effort to contribute, even though I only share to a …


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