• dragon tree garden house framed print

    Azores Photo Book

    Azores Photo Book. Made this personal, not for sale, photo book of our trip to the Azores. They are such beautiful islands to visit even though I hope the Azores┬ástays a well kept secret before mass tourism plunges on the islands. We went there with a nice group of people and visited a couple of …

  • Tall Ship Yards Phone

    Maritime images for phone cases

    Maritime images for phone cases. It always surprises┬áme how good photos can look on phone cases. I know they look good on full size prints for the wall, like canvas or metal prints, but I am happy when I see them on other items like the phone cases as they are cool looking. At ‘Fine …

  • Stones in Sea Framed

    Stones in Sea Framed. I find it is time to give my images more attention. My style is not to be too pushy, I don’t have a problem of a huge ego, but sometimes it is a pity that because of this I have a feeling my images get lost on the internet. This time …

  • windmills wind turbines

    Windmills and wind turbines. I am kind of fascinated by windmills and wind turbines. It is quite amazing if you think of it how it has evolved in the last couple of centuries from wind powered mills for multiple usages to the huge wind turbines we know today. I am fortunate to live in a …

  • New Tote Bags

    New Tote Bags. The new tote bags from Fine Art America are just so beautiful and for a great quality. I had to order them straight away and have to distribute them at home. Tote bags seems to be very popular and as a not very fashion minded person I had no idea ­čÖé I …

  • Sailboat anchored stretched canvas print promotion

    Sailboat anchored. Buy a 10.00″ x 8.00″ stretched canvas print of Jan Brons’s Sailboat anchored for $50.00. Only 10 prints remaining. Offer expires on 05/03/2015. Click on the next adress to get the promotion http://jan-brons.artistwebsites.com/weeklypromotion.html?promotionid=167667 A yacht has dropped it’s anchor on a slightly rippled lake. The sun just below the horizon behind the hills …

  • Cloud images

    Cloud images are one of my obsessions. The moment I followed meteorology class at the nautical college it caught me. It is just an amazing phenomenon the influences us so much. It can make me happy on a nice summer day or impressed during a stormy day or even depressed on a winter day with …

  • Two Friesian Stallions

    Two Friesian Stallions. All fine at Zazzle! Even though I only have a few images there the┬ásales keep going on strong. This time my “Two Friesian Stallions” image. This is another example of what people like to buy. This photo of the two horses, Friesians or Frisian never know for sure what the correct spelling …

  • Chatting along at Zazzle

    Chatting along at Zazzle. One of my favorite images has been sold again at Zazzle. This time as an invitation card but not one card but a big bunch. The nice thing is that you can change these cards as you like be placing your own text, etc. This image of this group of cows …

  • White Dahlia Featured Image

    White Dahlia Featured Image. Had two versions of my white dahlia image featured at two different groups at Fine Art America. I am always very glad and proud when this happens to me. The first one, the original flower image has been featured at the “Beautiful Flowers” group. My black and white version of this …


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