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Four wheeled kids toy bike.



Four wheeled kids toy bike.

An image of a mini quad without pedals. Got inspired by this bicycle as it is standing in one of our spare rooms where my +1 year old niece sleeps every now and then. I noticed how much fun she has with this toy as she was speeding through our house.

Four wheeled kids toy bike - Werk aan de Muur

Naar ‘Werk aan de Muur’ – Canvas, Prints, xPozer, etc.

I might give her one of these images as a present later as a big print on her wall, I am sure that should really look cool!

Made this four wheel bicycle image as a 3D model and rendered it.


Why not make a nice print of this image?
An option is to buy as image here and go to a print shop.
Another option is to buy at ‘Fine Art America‘ and let them print and frame the image:

Four wheeled kids toy bike - Photography Prints
Stock image by Jan Brons

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