How do I download an image?

It’s very easy.
You first have to register here at the site, for this just fill in a username and your email address. Now you are logged in, at the same time a conformation email is sent to you.
After you have logged in take you image of choice and select the size you need and press the green download button. This will bring you to Paypal to finish your payment. After this you can directly download your image from this site.

What are your terms of use? How can I find out your license agreements?

Take a look at End User License Agreement. A link to the License Agreement can also be found above the prices at the individual images.

Royalty-free, does that mean your images are for free?

My images are not for free.

Royalty-free (RF) is a special kind of media license. With RF you only pay once for your image(s) and you can use it as long as you want and even as often as you want. And a RF image only has to be payed once!
For additional information, besides the Royalty-free info, please read my End User License Agreement

As Wikipedia is much more clever in explaining RF than me: Wikipedia Royalty-Free.

Can I buy an image exclusive?

I do not sell images with exclusivity.
As I offer my images at such a low price I need a constant flow of sales to pay the mortgage. Exclusivity stops the flow.
I also use Royalty-free licensing so exclusivity breaks the license.

I bought a small image size but I need a large size, how do I do this?

That is simple!
Just purchase the same image at a larger size and send me an email with the purchase info so I can send you a refund via PayPal.

Can I change the image(s) with my license?

With your license you are allowed to:

  1. – change colors
  2. – add text
  3. – my images can be used for non-copyrighted/trademarked logo type purposes.

You are not allowed to:

  • – create extra pose to any character.
  • – make any animations with my images.
  • – claim copyright on altered images since the original image is under copyright.

To be sure please read my End User License Agreement.

My images can only used for non-copyrighted/trademarked logo type purposes. You are not allowed to copyright or trademark the image(s).


How am I allowed to use your images?

With your purchased license for the image(s) that you want to use, you may use them for your apps, your website, business cards, t-shirts, games, marketing and advertising, tv shows, your business packaging, labels, logo and several other uses.

To be sure please read my End User License Agreement.

How am I NOT allowed to use your images?

Print-on-demand websites are prohibited. This restriction includes websites such as,,,,, or other sites that may not be listed.

Images may not be distributed to other users via templates such as e-cards, web design templates, scrapbooking templates, customizable invitation templates, digitized embroidery files, personalized products, business card design templates, etc.

You are not allowed to copyright or trademark any of my images.

You are not allowed to distribute and/or offer for free the digital images in any way.

To be sure please read my End User License Agreement.

Do I need to credit your image(s)?

You do not need to credit any of my image(s). I do like credits as it is one way to keep traffic come to my site and keep prices low.

How about refunds?

I do not issue any refunds on digital media, only if you have purchased, by accident, the same image and and size more than once. The lesser price, or equal if it is a duplicate price, will be refunded. This is a standard rule in the digital media industry. Before purchasing please read my End User License Agreement.

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