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  • Skûtsjes in een strijd

    Koop de illustratie Skûtsjes in een strijd van Jan Brons op canvas, aluminium dibond, (ingelijste) fotoprint, behang en Art Frame, op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit. Het beeld van de “hou van” met een Friese pompeblêd toont de liefde voor deze sport en de Friese traditie. Het skûtsjesilen is een unieke en prachtige sport die …

  • Tropical scene with palm tree

    Tropical Sun Palm Tree

    Tropical Sun Palm Tree The palm tree is a symbol of tropical paradise, and in this photograph, the tropical sun shines brightly through the leaves of a palm tree. The leaves of the tree sway gently in the breeze, casting dappled shadows on the ground below. The lens flare in the photo is caused by …

  • Love and peace

    Painting of an old hippy lady made in Krita

  • Vsual my new Wall Art shop just opened.

    Vsual my new Wall Art shop just opened.

    Vsual my new Wall Art shop just opened.

  • Cessna 153 Face Mask

    Cessna Face Mask

    Cessna 153 Face Mask

  • Recently sold

    Recently sold on “Werk aan de Muur” I want to show you my recently sold images at “Werk aan de Muur“. A couple of images are sold multiple times. These images have been sold on different sizes and on all kinds of material like canvas, acrylic print, framed print, metal print, etc. These are not …

  • 10% korting op alle Xpozers in mei

    Koop dit werk op canvas op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit. 10% korting op alle Xpozers in mei! Zie mijn portfolio bij Werk aan de Muur Te koop op meerdere materialen in een zelfgekozen formaat Canvas 80x55 voor 143,- Voorbeeld: Xpozer 75 cm x 50 cm: van € 92 voor € 83 Met Xpozer spansysteem - [...] More
  • dragon tree garden house framed print

    Azores Photo Book

    Azores Photo Book. Made this personal, not for sale, photo book of our trip to the Azores. They are such beautiful islands to visit even though I hope the Azores stays a well kept secret before mass tourism plunges on the islands. We went there with a nice group of people and visited a couple of …

  • Tall Ship Yards Phone

    Maritime images for phone cases

    Maritime images for phone cases. It always surprises me how good photos can look on phone cases. I know they look good on full size prints for the wall, like canvas or metal prints, but I am happy when I see them on other items like the phone cases as they are cool looking. At ‘Fine …

  • Stones in Sea Framed

    Stones in Sea Framed. I find it is time to give my images more attention. My style is not to be too pushy, I don’t have a problem of a huge ego, but sometimes it is a pity that because of this I have a feeling my images get lost on the internet. This time …


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